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You know the rest of the song. I’m not going to sing it for you (although MWS’s voice will probably be in your head for the rest of the day). You might have even been guilty of singing it while swaying back and forth at some graduation event. (I would only assume this… maybe I did, maybe I didn’t).
However, there are some friends, as I’m learning that will be with you in the long haul of life. I’m thankful to have several friends that this could apply to but I have one friend who is at the front of the pack. 

Brittany and I met summers ago while we were still in high school. We were both camp counselors at Florida GA/Acteens Camp. This particular year, she had come for two weeks (or was it three) before heading to south Florida to study hurricanes (she wanted to be a meteorologist in her former life). We were both selected to set up for our Friday Olympic games segment. While waiting for our responsibilities, sitting in the back of a truck, a friendship was formed. We returned the next summer and I knew she’d be a friend for life. 

We kept in touch throughout college and unknown to each other at the time, both decided to move to Atlanta. I was attending seminary and she was teaching in an inner city school. Later, she moved into an apartment in a very brave move with two roommates who were in seminary. (yikes!) While I’m sure that she got tired of hearing all of my frustrations with life, love, and God, she stuck in there with me. We’ve been through so much together that has done nothing but strengthen our friendship. Not all of the journey has been smooth but we both admitted we realized a long time ago that we’d be friends for life. 

For me, my most special memories so far has been two events: 

1) introducing her to the love of her life & later performing the wedding for she and Joe. 

2) her standing beside me as my Matron of Honor as I married the love of my life. 

I’m counting on the fact that we’ll be there for each other during many, many more life events. After all, that’s what friends are for. 

I can’t take all the credit for writing about Brittany today. One of the things we have in common is that we love a GOOD deal. So, here’s a little about why I’ve chosen to write about her on this day (or before April 30). In the new Miracle Girls book, Breaking Up is Hard to Do written by Anne & May. The book is about the lives and struggles of four friends. The authors are inviting readers to write about a friend and be entered into a drawing to win a signed copy of the book. 

I’m hoping talking about Brittany brings me good luck!



At my wedding, showing off the labor of our extensive workout plan.


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I was tagged by Jaime to play in the counting game. Since I don’t have kids and probably can’t count the funny stuff the patients do during the week, I’m not sure my list will be as entertaining. If you want to read something funny about accidents with Easter eggs, definitely check out her site! 

I’ve been thinking about this for over a week and don’t have much so here’s what I got: 

83 – work days of CPE left (but this does include days I’ll be off for vacation so it’s actually left.) Hip-Hip, Hooray!! Oh wait, I need to start looking for a new job! 😉 

70 – days until my sister gets hitched! Didn’t know she was getting married? Check out this post!

7 – days until I get to see my family for one of Morgan’s wedding showers!

3 – number of restaurants my husband and I tried going to on a Friday night without reservations! Bad idea!

56 – number of times I had to remind my husband that he was not at his mother’s house anymore and that meant he had to clean up after himself again! (He spent last week back in GA at the Masters and staying with his parents. No additional comments needed!)

4 – bags I’ll be taking to Goodwill this week after cleaning out my closet and the spare bedroom. 

2 – bags of garbage that were thrown away in the process of cleaning out the spare bedroom. 

23 – sticks I picked up off our patio area (and it’s not that big) after two days of horrific California winds!

75 – minutes of cardio achieved this week. Sad thing is was all in one day! Bad week for working out!

4 – days I have left until my specialty project is due (which means I better get off of the computer and get to typing!)

Enjoy your weekend! Since I’m working on my specialty project this weekend I have moved my books and computer outside. I cannot help but enjoy this gorgeous day and I refuse to be stuck at the dining room table writing!! At least the birds can accompany me as I write about spirituality and mental health! 

I’ll continue the counting game by tagging Meg and Suzanah! Have fun!!

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“Arise, My love.
Arise, My love.
The grave no longer
has a hold on you
No more death’s sting
No more suffering
Arise…Arise…my love.”
(lyrics by Newsong)

Christ Has Risen! He has risen Indeed!
Praise be to God!
Happy Easter From the Johns Family

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there’s a party going on round here…. 

We hadn’t seen our friend Jen in a while so a couple of weekends back, she drove down on a Saturday night and hung out for a while. I decided that it was a definitely something to celebrate. I cooked a yummy meal of Mexican food, bake a spring-time-looking cake, and we watched a movie. I lost out on the movie choice (they both voted for Vegas Vacation) but we had a great time anyway. 


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While You Were Out

img_0468Hi Dad, 

I stole mom’s computer and thought that I wrote you a note. I heard that you are back in Georgia (why didn’t you take me?). Hope you are having fun but we are missing you. I know you are missing us too, so I thought I’d write you a note about what we’ve been doing. Here are the highlights: 

– Well, I think mom told you that I was a little nervous about you being gone last weekend. She would try to get me to go to bed at a reasonable hour but I wanted to wait up. I really thought you were coming home so I waited for you in the living room. Then I remembered that we took you to the airport and you said you’d be back later. 

– Emily came over on Monday night and we all cheered the UNC Tarheels to a Basketball victory. It really wasn’t much of a game and the girls mostly talked. You know Emily really likes me though, so I got lots of lovin’ that night. 

– Danielle came to see me too. She and mom went to an art class together. It was kind of nice to have some time to myself at night. It made me miss our boys time though. 

– There is something happening this weekend?? Mom keeps telling me the Easter bunny is coming. I guess this is exciting? I’ll let you know if I get anything. 

– Yes, she has kept me full of food (including toast!) and water. I’m still good at begging 😉 

– My hair is looking kind of crazy in the picture above. I think mom took it right after we played catch. That’s a fun game, especially when mom gets aggravated when I don’t bring back monkey. 

Well, I’m getting pretty tired (sigh). Hope that you had a good day at the Masters. I don’t really know what that is but mom says it’s a big deal. Hurry back soon. It’s just not the same without you…. 

(Did I mention we have new neighbors who have barking dogs and a crying baby? Hurry back!!)



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