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It’s Saturday Night.

The title of this blog is the title of the sermon that Rev. Wesley Shipp and I are co-preaching on tomorrow. Co-preaching? Yes, that’s right. We have planned the service and both of us are delivering a homily about love. I’m so excited I could pop.

There’s wonderful music planned, great passages from the words of Jesus, thoughts on these passages, and a covered dish luncheon. Praying for the Spirit’s movement among the community of faith gathering on Rainbow Dr. tomorrow!!

I’ll share more later!

(and did I tell you we are having a covered dish luncheon?)


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Let me tell you about…

my new favorite shampoo! nourish-revitalizeWhy am I writing about shampoo? Well, let me tell you a story.

I have this wonderful friend in ATL who was also a terrific stylist. He NEVER let me pay full price for a haircut and introduced me to really good styling products (shampoos, etc.). Fast forward to my move to the West Coast and I’m too far from Philip for him to cut my hair (which is most upsetting). After finding a new stylist, I realized I could no longer afford (I’m a cheap skate) a nice haircut and pay ridiculous amounts in products. So, it’s been months of searching for some OTC (ok, so it’s all over the counter but you know what I mean… something affordable). I read about this Aveeno product a few weeks ago and found it at Target the other day. I’m so excited!! Shampoo that doesn’t strip my hair and leave it feeling really gross. And, I don’t mind paying for it.

$6.43 at Target (but this might have been the slightly inflated CA price, check your local stores!)

Don’t believe me? Go here for a free sample!

And I have found a stylist out here but no one will replace my Philip!

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I blogged

on my sister’s blog today. I got tired of waiting for her to post some pictures from the wedding. Check it out:

Celebrations Bridal & Gifts

Now that I know the password, you never know when I might sneak in a blog post.

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