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Where did October go?

Wow! Does anyone else feel like the month just flew by? We started out the month visiting with friends in Atlanta. I co-hosted a baby shower for my friend who I mentioned in the last post. Since that post, due to pregnancy complications, she gave birth to two beautiful girls. They are doing well and growing stronger each day. I’m thankful for their safe arrival.

I had a chance to celebrate JVC’s birthday although it was a month late. We enjoyed a day of hanging out, Sprinkles cupcakes, & sushi at our favorite neighborhood place. Happy Birthday JVC! We love you!!IMG_1811

Barry got an awesome discount on Stanford football season tickets this year because of his relationship to the University. We decided this would be splurge for us and get them. We’ve loved cheering on the Stanford Cardinal (no “s” as I have learned and it’s a tree not a bird, apparently). It’s been fun and there are three big games left to see at home: Oregon, CAL, and Notre Dame. We’re seeing teams we’ve never seen play before!IMG_1646


This week, we decided to carve our pumpkin (cutting it close!). Our almost two year old neighbor came over to help! He’s such a cutie and I’m going to take him door-to-door tonight. It’s his first American Halloween!!


And, a shout out to my wonderful sister Morgan! Today is her birthday and I hope she has a fabulous day. This year has already proven to be great and I wish her lots more like it. Happy birthday sister!!


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What matters?
Maternal Health matters.

Two weeks ago a friend of mine had her first baby boy delivered by C-section. The baby had been growing healthy and she had no problems throughout her pregnancy. However, when the doctor lifted her young baby out, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck three times. Thankfully, it was loose enough that he slipped his hand under the cord and slipped it off the baby’s head. Mom and baby are doing great.

Tonight, my best friend is in a hospital far, far away from me. Her blood pressure is too high. Her health and the health of her babies is in jeopardy. She’s at the hospital where she is minutes away from help if she needs it. We are hopeful that she will be going home tomorrow, unfortunately on bed rest but this will allow the babies more time to grow!

The point of this post is that women give birth each and every day around the world. My friends are here in the heart of America with wonderful health care options. There are still complications which speaks to the very miracle of child birth and maternal health.

One of the UN Millennium Development Goals is focused on maternal health. I’m thankful for this because there are women around the world (and in our own country) whose lives and the lives of their babies are in jeopardy because of a lack of access to proper healthcare. I’m thankful for the work of Suzanah Raffield because MATERNAL HEALTH MATTERS!!

Prayers being sent to Atlanta right now!

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Telling Stories

Tomorrow at New Community of Faith we’ll begin our series called, “Telling Our Stories”. I’ve invited church members to give testimonies (yes, the old Baptist tradition) in the service of their own story and involvement in the church. In addition to remembering what the church has been for them, they are also invited to talk about their vision for the church in the future. I’m excited about hearing from those who will share.

The sermon for tomorrow is from John 15:1-8 where Jesus shares his final “I AM” statement. This is where he talks about being vine and his followers as branches. We’re in serious need of being reminded that we are to “abide in Christ” as we seek God’s direction for our lives this year. It’s also a rather humorous illustration to the conversation that’s been happening with our neighbors about the ivy on the back of our property.
Wish you all could be there!
“Lessons From Some Pesky Vines & Branches”

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I am so excited about this movie coming out. It’s based on one of my favorite children’s books. This morning while browsing Itunes, I saw that the soundtrack is out today. It sounds phenomenal which makes me even more excited about the release of the movie. You have seen the trailer, haven’t you?

The name of the movie quite adequately describes life right now. I feel like I’m living in the middle of the Wild Things and finding my own inner “wild thing”. After all, in all of us there is a little hope, fear, adventure, and wild thing.

It’s raining here today. The first rain of the season as they call it. The wind has really picked up too. It’s been a good morning for snuggling with Jovi, drinking coffee, and sermon planning for this Sunday.

Go see the movie when it comes to a theater near you!

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