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I woke this morning to a different kind of silence. The pace of our house is different for the next few days. I ignored the desire to reach for the remote and donned my running gear. It had been a few days since my last run but the rain was coming so I wanted to get out and pound the pavement.

Yesterday did not go as planned.

I received a call from my best friend with an update on one of her girl’s rare eye condition. It’s not good news.

I opened facebook to find a series of comments on another minister friend’s wall. After some research, I discovered this news.

Life is precious.

The lingering fog on my run felt heavy around me but not nearly as heavy as my heart feels today. Praying for these friends, their precious children and asking God to hold them. Will you join me in praying for them?

I’m grateful for making room for the silence. In the silence, I am made aware of my own heartache for these families. I don’t just drown it out by the blaring television or playing on the internet. I sit. I read. I pray. I feel. I remember.

For you shall not go out in haste,
and you shall not go in flight;
for the Lord will go before you,
and the God of Israel will be your rearguard.
Isaiah 52:12

God be with you, friends.


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Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday and we begin the journey of Lent. Last year, I wrote this reflection of my Ash Wednesday experience. I really struggled about whether or not I should hold an Ash Wednesday service at the church where I am serving as interim pastor. After struggling with another cold/allergy issue and not finding the energy to plan an additional worship service, I decided against it. Not surprising, no one balked.

I have decided to give up watching the Today Show in order to make room for more silence, meditation, scripture reading, and journaling practices. It may sound like it’s not a big deal but I love watching Meredith (she’s grown on me), Matt, Al and my favorite of all, Ann. However, I realized that it was taking up too much of my morning. I was becoming obsessed. So, it seemed like an appropriate Lenten practice. They’ll still be there when Lent is over but I’m hoping my desire to begin my day differently will continue.

I’ve also decided to begin to remove one thing from our house that we do not need. My neighbors moved here from another country and I’m always amazed at how much more room they have in their apartment for a family of 3. It’s because they haven’t gotten caught up in our race of consumerism and “oh, I just have to have that” mentality. So, this lenten season, simplifying my life is going to be more of an intentional practice. I brought way too much stuff across the country once already. It does not need to return with me. Some of the stuff needs to be recycled and some can find it’s way to someone else’s home that can use it.

So, what about you? Any Lenten practices you are giving up or making room for in your life?

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You Won!

I know it’s been a couple of days since I said I was going to post the winner.. Sorry! I know you’ve been refreshing this website over and over again. What can I say? Life Happens.

Well, Congrats to Meigan! Email me your address and I’ll be sending your prize to you very soon. 😉

And in case you missed it… The answer is Macon, GA. Did the Little Richie reference give it away?

Can you spot me and B in the picture below? I used my Iphone to take a picture of us on tv. We got home from the Pebble Beach Celebrity Golf Tournament and as if we hadn’t had enough golf, turned on the tv to see if we were in any shots. It’s a blur but hey, we made it!!

The celebrity in the shot is Bill Murray. He was hilarious!!

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So, I hinted that we’ll be making a move later in the year. I haven’t wanted to say too much about it because there were still details to work out. And, while there are still LOTS of details to work out (specifics about moving, an actual place we’ll lay our heads, etc.) I thought we’d play a little game to see who can figure out where we might be waking up come later in the year. So, I’ll take guesses until Wednesday night, February 10th and then the winner will be announced on Thursday, February 11th. If multiple people get the answer, I’ll enter names into a drawing. The prize will have a California theme.

So, here are the clues:

1) Our new city holds the record for city with the most cherry blossom trees.

2) According to this website, I’ll have no problem getting my fix.

3) There are a couple of colleges and universities in this town. In fact, if I wanted to go and walk around the campus, I could stop off to sit and have a chat with this man:

4) Although there’s no longer a professional baseball team that plays in this city, I’ll be a short drive away from watching my favorite team play:

5) If you find me singing “Tutti Fruitti” or  “Good Golly Miss Molly” it might be because I’ll be living in the birthplace of a member of the Rock and Roll hall of fame….

Ready, Set, Go!

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Bucket List

The other night we made out our Bucket List for California*. This time we not only made out our list but we also coordinated dates. Last Saturday was our day trip to Big Sur. I had always heard Big Sur was one of the areas that we needed to visit. I wasn’t quite sure what the big deal would be.


I think it’s the most beautiful place on the earth.

Most of you have already seen my pictures on facebook but I’ll include a couple here for any onlookers contemplating a trip.

This is the famous Bixby Bridge.

If you’re ever traveling this way, be sure to drive down Hwy 1, along the Big Sur Coast.

After three weeks of rain (almost but not quite true), we had beautiful weather to enjoy our day. It was in the 60s all day long. Perfect!!

I’ll keep you all posted on our progress towards the list!

* Aside: Yes, it’s true. Our two years here in California is quickly coming to a close. I can’t believe it. Seriously. I’ll write more about it later! Stay Tuned…

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