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I was reflecting with a friend yesterday about how much more relaxing this move has turned out to be than last time. A big difference? I don’t have to worry about packing our stuff. Yes, for the first time in my life, we’re hiring the movers to come and pack everything up. YAY! A big thanks to B’s new employer who is footing the relocation bill.

So, besides the relief of a not having to pack and cram your stuff in boxes why is it so different? I’m getting to enjoy my last days here in California and actually spend time with folks I have met here. It’s been wonderful to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee, have lunch, or just visit with friends without the time constraint of running home to pack.

This reminds me of another time in my life when I was helping someone prepare for a really long trip. I had traveled to Jordan with T & she was coming back to the states for an extended period of time. We were taking a great deal of stuff with us because she would later be moving back to the states as well. She kept talking about the importance of packing early, getting our stuff together, etc. When I asked why, she replied, “We’ll have visitors before we leave!”. Sure enough, the day before we were leaving, her good friends who lived in nearby villages (but required a great deal of them to travel into the city where she was living) appeared at her gate. We enjoyed wonderful mint tea with friends sharing details of what our travels would be like. It was a wonderful time and a memory I’ll treasure forever.

So, I’m reminding myself of the same thing. I want to “get my stuff together” so as to continue to save room for the things that really matter: time with people.

The countdown is here. My dad and grandmother will be arriving next Friday & we’ll head out for our great adventure on Sunday. It’s hard to believe it’s almost here.


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Comes From Some Beginning’s End…

These are the words floating through my head tonight. One of the things my time at the VA afforded me was some friendships from places I never expected. During my year there, I became really good friends with folks who worked in other “services”. We all have one thing in common– we loved working with the veterans living with severe mental illness. We also valued getting to know each other outside of the VA. We hung out after work & always found ways to laugh. Even this year, after completing a full year at the VA, I’ve remained in contact with many of them— over facebook, meeting for dinner, running, etc. They are wonderful people.

Tonight, we got together for dinner and said our formal goodbyes. It’s hard not knowing when or if you will ever see each other again. We hope to keep in touch but don’t want to make unrealistic promises. We joked about being thankful for facebook & the ease to keep in touch through today’s technology.

At the end of the evening, several of them gave us our first baby gifts. On the way home, I was overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions. At the time we were taking to say goodbye, they were offering gifts of welcome to the new baby making his/her way into our arms in the next few months. It made me think of the lyrics from the song, “Closing Time”….

Did I take any pictures? Nope. We were having too much fun on our friend’s back porch. I didn’t even think about it. At one point, one of them said she thinks I’m having a boy. I guess we’ll find out soon. On Tuesday, I’m scheduled for my anatomy ultrasound & we’ve decided to find out.

Many people have asked what I think I’m having. Honestly, I have no clue. At first, I was convinced I was having a girl. My dad and Barry are convinced that I’m having a boy. A woman at church is convinced it’s a girl. So, I guess we’ll see…. Any readers out there want to weigh in?

And so this post isn’t completely boring, I’ll include a picture taken a few weeks ago when we were attending one of Barry’s coworker’s weddings in Sunol. I was 17 weeks in this picture. I’m 19 weeks now.

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Waking Up in Tahoe

We recently took a quick trip to Lake Tahoe to cross another item off our bucket list. We were there the week before Memorial Day and it was wonderful. It was like a ghost town with hardly any other visitors. The ski lifts were in shut down mode and everyone was gearing up for summer. In Lake Tahoe, summer activities include river rafting, fishing, hiking, etc. However, this Spring has been really interesting in California. We usually don’t have rain past the month of February. When we get rain, it usually means Lake Tahoe gets snow. They had just had snow the week before and it snowed on our drive up. It was beautiful. This week, we heard they received so much snow at Squaw Valley which is down the road from the lodge where we stayed, that they opened the ski lifts. They were snow skiing on Memorial Day which is really unusual!

We spent most of our days exploring the lake by car & walking around the various towns. As I mentioned earlier, most of the activities were closed but I’m not sure we would have been able to do any of them anyway. As Barry said, “What do you do in Tahoe with a pregnant wife and your dog?” Yes, we brought Jovi on our little excursion! It was fun to have him along.

One night, we rode into Nevada and really enjoyed that drive. It’s simply beautiful and a part of the country I’m not sure we’ll ever see again. Barry wanted to see the “lights of Reno” but I really enjoyed the drive.

We stayed at a great lodge right on the Truckee River. Our balcony was right off the river and we enjoyed listening to the water. The owners of the lodge reminded us “city folks” that bears and raccoons were in the area so to keep Jovi close by. We also had to make sure we didn’t leave food in our car because they would come after it. They gave us this friendly reminder—

I actually did see a small bear jumping over the hill outside our room one night when I was returning. And where there’s a little bear, there’s a mama bear so I didn’t stick around very long!

Random fact, just down the road you’ll see the Olympic torch. Why? Well, the 1960 Winter Olympics were held at Squaw Valley. It was cool to read about the history of the event and see another olympic torch (besides the one in Atlanta!)

The countdown is on. As of today, I only have 24 days left in our apartment. It’s exciting but overwhelming to think about all the people we want to visit with, one last time!

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