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The Day

November 5th, 2010 was the day my life changed forever. I spent nine months (more if you count how long I’ve wanted to be a mommy) waiting to meet my son and at 5:49 pm on that day, he entered the world. My wonderful doctor announced his arrival by telling me he looked just like his father. (“Barry Jr.” became the most commonly used phrase that weekend) Everything was perfect and wonderful. Looking back, I’m so thankful I was able to have my doctor present with me. He fills a special place in mine and B’s heart because not only was he the one to care for me while I was in the last half of my pregnancy but he was the first one Parker saw with his eyes. He welcomed him into this world and made sure we were both safe during the process. How thankful I am for maternal education and people who provide this kind of care!

If you read this blog or follow my facebook updates, you know I had an induction. We had to encourage this stubborn little boy to come out… I was induced exactly a week after my due date. I got the call on Thursday night that there was room for me at the hospital and I was so excited… Upon check-in, we settled into our room, I was hooked up on machines that monitored “our” progress, and told to get some rest. From midnight to 4 am, I tried to rest but that didn’t work out. I would turn over, the monitors would move, and I’d be woken up by the nurses re-adjusting everything. They checked me at 4 am and there was no progress so I was given more medication and actually feel asleep this time. At 7 am, more medication and at 8 am, my doctor came in to break my water. This baby was not coming out on his own!

My family started arriving at the hospital and we had a chance to visit for a few minutes. My best friend, Brittany drove down from Atlanta too. By mid-morning, it became increasingly harder to talk and visit with folks because of my contractions. You know me…. if I can’t talk I really must have been in pain! I started asking for my pain “management” options and decided for something a little lighter than the epidural quite yet. I went to a very nice sleepy place and had the most whacked out dreams ever. I dreamed of pumpkins and purple circles. My dad and sister came to see me one more time and apparently I was out of it! About two hours of great sleep later and my contractions were getting worse. It was time to call in the big guns. *Pause* I was concerned about my lack of “progress” and getting an epidural too soon. My nurse said that sometimes women’s bodies relax more after taking pain medicine and progress faster. So, I decided to try it.

I’m thankful I had a little bit of the other pain medicine in me already. I was definitely more nervous about the epidural than anything else of the entire delivery process. The video during birthing class had me FREAKED OUT! Epidural went fine and I tried to sleep again… only to discover an hour later than I was starting to feel something on my right side. My nurse called anesthesiology and they came back to realize my epidural hadn’t been completely put in. It was then that I remembered they were called away to an emergency c-section and said they’d be back…. but they were still in surgery! So, they finished me off and I was feeling great.

Meanwhile, B is trying to get some sleep on the couch in the room. It was reminding him of being on call and attempting to sleep in the hospital…. with no luck. He finally drifted off to sleep and about that time I said….

L: B, I’m feeling pressure. What did the nurse say about pressure?

B: (in a sleepy tone) I don’t remember. I’m sure it’s nothing. Why don’t you try to get some sleep?

L: But I really think she said something about pressure.

B: It’s okay… just try to sleep.

(quiet…. about a minute later)

(Beep, Beep, Beep, me dialing the nurse’s telephone number)

B: What are you doing?

L: Calling the nurse. She said something about pressure.

B: (deep sigh)

Well, I was right. She came to see me, checked me, and smiled. I thought she was going to announce I was halfway there. Nope, I was all the way there!! It was almost game time and she instructed me to wait about 30 more minutes. Of course, I keep questioning when we were calling the doctor. “Trust me. You don’t want me to call the doctor yet.” wise advice. B hadn’t been on a regularly sleeping or eating schedule and hadn’t eaten lunch (3 pm by this point). He asked the nurse if he had time to go get something to eat. She said there was enough time to get McDonald’s and bring it to the room. I quickly instructed him that he was not going to eat in the room! I was starving!!

So, he went to the waiting room, instructed family to remain close by and grabbed candy and a coke. However, after I started pushing he was wishing he hadn’t eaten all that sugar! From the time I started pushing until Parker arrived, it was about an hour and a half!

The most wonderful moment was when they laid him on my chest and I got to meet him for the first time. It definitely made all of the moments of waiting worth it!



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