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Parker is growing & changing so fast each day. If he is this active now, what is life going to be like when he’s crawling and walking? He loves to be moving & active. In the last two weeks especially, he doesn’t like to be at one activity for more than 10-15 minutes. At the end of the day, I am exhausted. The week days are pretty long because I have Parker from 7 am-7 pm Monday-Thursday. Last night, my husband called to remind me he was going to the gym and going to be home in an hour. I looked at the clock, heard my whining son, and thought, “What am I going to do for another hour?” I felt like i had run out of options and ideas. Does that ever happen to you? I thought I’d compile and list and seek hints from others who have been here before!

So, here’s a list of stuff we often do during the day:
– visit our neighborhood park for a trip in the swing (thank goodness he has great head & neck support)
– tummy time (which must involve toys in front of you now as reward)
– singing silly songs while sitting in the Bumbo seat
– His exersaucer/activity seat
– my aunt & uncle gave him an inflatable toy for Christmas. It’s just big enough to roll around on & play ball with but doesn’t take up a ton of space. It’s great!
– read books
– take walks
– watch the neighborhood kids play
– try out new foods (which he enjoys as you can see)

What about your 5 month old? What did he/she like to do? Any suggestions for toys, games, activities, etc for us to try?


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I can hardly believe Parker is already five months old. It’s really scary how quickly he is growing up. Most of you know that I never envisioned staying at home full-time. In fact, I’ve never considered it. I always thought I’d be back working full-time or at least in a part-time capacity. I think the move, my illness, and just an overall change of attitude has made me realized how lucky I am to be at home every day with my son.

It’s not easy for me. There are days where I’m convinced that I’m so close to figuring this little guy out and then, he’ll do something to change. Sure, I miss the mornings when I could completely finish a cup of coffee before it got cold. But mornings have become my favorite time with him. It’s a joy to see his face light up as he is learning about the new day.

I’ll be the first to admit, some weeks are harder than others. Last week was one of those weeks for me. I felt lonely because most of my friends were unavailable to talk or get together. Parker was having an “off” week which folks have attributed it to everything from teething to another milestone. I have no idea. They have no idea. Parker probably doesn’t even know. He just wasn’t himself. Those days felt like EXTRA long days. But, they have passed. I’m sure I’ll see them again and I hope I can remember some lessons I’ve learned from that particularly hard week.

On Tuesday, he was five months old. I decided that night to go to a missions meeting with ladies from my church. I was looking forward to getting out of the house and talking to other women about something not related to babies. Barry got home in time for me to go. Parker had his bath and started his bottle. I got a call from Barry fifteen minutes later with a crying son in the background. Apparently, Parker decided to revolt as soon as I left. He wouldn’t take the bottle or pacifier. I suggested various “tricks” anything from the bathroom mirror to taking him outside to get him to calm down. After an hour, Barry called back and I decided to come home. I couldn’t enjoy myself anyway.

I walked in the door and when Parker saw me, he smiled. Of course, I think this crushed Barry and he was afraid I was going to be mad at both of them. I realized though that was a moment I was witnessing. He is only going to be this young once. I chose to treasure the meltdown-turned-everything-okay-when-mommy-arrived moment.

I’m thankful for my friends who are walking me through the tough moments. Friends like Jana, Elizabeth, and others who remind me that these days pass all too quickly and to savor these moments.

At 5 months:

– enjoys exploring his voice to see what kind of high pitched noises he can make
– rolls from his back to stomach but then forgets how to roll the other direction
– loves his doggy brother, Jovi. Thankfully, Jovi doesn’t mind when Parker grabs at his hair
– loves trying new food but is most excited about holding his own spoon
– places his hands over his eyes when drinking his bottle
– has found his toes but struggles to get them in his mouth
– puts EVERYTHING else he can get his hands on in his mouth

AND, just in case you are wondering, yes I do kiss those chubby cheeks 1,654,651,654,165,651,165,651 times a day.

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