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Today on NPR I heard this story about Good Riddance Day 2011 happening in 2011. Folks were lining up for a chance to shred something from 2011 in a symbolic attempt to say goodbye to bad things in 2011 and allow space for good things in 2012. There were humorous things like a wrist brace a woman had to wear after spraining her wrist or the woman who brought things from 6 boyfriends she had this year. There were certainly more serious ones like the woman whose husband and multiple family members spent most of 2011 deployed in Iraq. She was throwing things that represented their deployment into the industrial sized shredder in hopes to have everyone home in 2012.

I got to thinking, “What would I shred of 2011?” I don’t know but perhaps as I work towards my goals for 2012, I should consider the things I need to get rid of to allow room for new improvements.


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The Explorer


These days I feel like I’m a tour guide. We are in the stage of pointing to things and saying, “this?” “this?” “this?” which means I’m constantly naming things and pointing back to them. It amazes me to see the things that captures my son’s attention.


At other times I feel more like a security guard. Yes, a hands on the hips, “SECURITY” posted right across the back of my shirt, loud-voiced-rough-and-tumble-stay-away-from-person who is constantly saying “no”. He’s getting really good at going to the object he is suppose to stay away from and shaking his head no while looking at me.

Ledge of the stairs (shakes his head while placing his foot up their anyway)

Dog’s water bowl (shakes his head and points his finger)

Hearth of the fireplace, Christmas Light plug-in, Dog’s cabinet of supplies, etc.


The truth is that I’m amazed at how fast he is learning and picking up on new things. We’re in constant explorer stage where everything is new and amazing. Sometimes when things slow down (rare occasion around here) I stop to think about what he might use these skills for one day. What will his gifts and talents he’s picking up now expose him to later in his life? Who will he become and shape in his life?

And I smile. I know that these moments (even the loud shrills and shrieks) will all soon pass too quickly. There will be a day when I want someone to follow me around in the kitchen. There will be a day when I want him to ask me about the things on the table in front of him. So for now, in the midst of answering his many questions, I’m going to soak it in.


Time passes too quickly. The above picture was taken the first week of January 2011. What a difference a year makes!

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Let me sum up my Fall for you:

October: Youth Retreat

November: Parker’s 1st Birthday

December: Major Writing Project Due

Yep, that’s where I’ve been. I’m done now and ready to focus on having Christmas fun with my family. I’m also setting my sights on some projects and goals for the new year. This is where I need your help. One of my first plans was to redo an old desk that was my great-great aunt’s. It was in her house forever and I’d love to keep it around in my family forever. It sits in our living area (for now). Currently, it holds our desk top tree that we put up as not to tempt the 13 month old too much. Most of the time, I sit there for writing, blogging, etc.

Meet the desk.

The plan was to take off the side “drop down” leaf that was attached. It wasn’t until I started taking pictures that I realized it has a piece that would leave a hole in the desk if removed. Hmmm, not sure I’ll take the side off now. So, my thought was to stain it a dark color like black or even to paint it black. What do you my crafty friends think?

I also want to update the handles… any suggestions about really great (and affordable) places to get new hardware?

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