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Marking Milestones

Parker and I spent last week in Florida with my family. My sister lovingly reminded me it had been a while since I had posted on the blog. I know, I know. 

This week we reached 17 months (btw, when do you stop using “months” to describe a baby’s age? I’m thinking I’ll stop at 2). Anyway, he is constantly amazing me at his new skills. I love this stage because everything is an adventure and every day there is something new to learn (for both of us!) 


He still only has 2 teeth but that doesn’t stop his appetite. His favorite things are: fruit, veggies, salmon, pasta (he loves Kale lasagna), frozen yogurt, animal crackers, Goldfish, etc. 

His favorite things to do: swing a bat (hilarious, I’m hoping to catch it on video soon), watch our neighbor kids play and climb on their toys, sidewalk chalk, play dough, paint, color (anything active)

His favorite books: Goodnight Moon, What Does Baby Say, and any of the Global Babies books his Aunt Brittany gave him 

His favorite words: Daddy (been saying this for a while), Momma (yay! finally!), Nanny (Granny), me do it, More (or no more), and a whole lot of things we haven’t been able to translate quite yet

I’m so excited for the Easter Egg hunt at church today. Last year, he sat up for the first time on his own and from then on it was one developmental milestone after the other. While it makes me sad he’s not the baby who wants to be rocked to sleep anymore, I’m so proud of how far he’s (read: we) come. He is such a sweet boy who wants to be on the go all the time but still stops to give hugs to his friends/family. 

Here’s a picture of us from last year’s Easter Egg Hunt… 


What a difference a year makes!


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