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We have had the opportunity to spend the last two weekends with P’s grandparents. The first weekend we made a quick trip to Savannah to see Barry’s grandparents who have had some health complications. It was a quick visit and we had lots of fun. The highlights for Parker included playing in his great grandparents BIG yard where he could run all he wanted. The other highlight was visiting the Savannah mall and riding the carousel. He also got a pair of new shoes he loves very much!

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It’s so hard to believe the comparison. He is growing up so fast!

This weekend we enjoyed Memorial Day with “Ranny” (Parker has dropped the “G”) and Big Daddy. We went to Atlanta for the Braves game and met up with Aunt Morgan and Uncle Jared. On Sunday, we went to Bass Pro and Dickey’s for some ice cream. There was lots of “bees ball” (baseball) and “bball” (basketball) played in our house this weekend too.


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One of the traditions we have as a family is to eat dinner together as much as we can. We usually do pretty well with it, too. There are exceptions like one night a week when Parker and I eat with our church family or the occasion that Barry will have a work dinner. It’s become a really special time for us and look forward to it continually growing into our favorite time together as the years go on.

When there’s a toddler at the table, you will more than likely end up with laughter during dinner. Tonight was no different. Parker usually eats about 3/4 of his meal and practices his throwing arm with the rest of it. At one point, while the table (and floor) was covered in food, Parker began buzzing his lips. In the background, Jovi began whining for his share of food from the table. He doesn’t like to come and eat off the floor while Parker is at the table because he never knows when things will go flying. So, at one point, we had a toddler buzzing and a dog whining while surrounded by food.

Barry laughingly looked at me and said, “Somehow this is not what I imagined when I signed up for parenthood.” I replied while laughing out loud, “It’s exactly what I signed up for. I remember eating by myself as a young adult and longing for a family to share dinner with– now I have you all– Barry, Jovi, and Parker.”

Jovi wins the award for clean up champ around here!

I’m so thankful for this beautiful mess I’m living in.

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Wordless Wednesday


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