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Enjoying Nature

It’s a good thing I enjoy being outside. It’s one of the places we spend most of our time these days. Parker loves to explore whether it’s around our block, a nearby park, or a new place. Today, we went with the preschoolers from our church to visit Dauset Nature TrailsImage. It’s a free park that helps with the rehabilitation of injured animals. It’s a really wonderful place. Today we saw a bald eagle, owls, foxes, bison, deer, otters. There was a bear and a cougar but they were busy sleeping on this sunny morning. Who can blame them? 


Each time we would finish one habitat and before moving to the next, I say, “Parker, what animal do you think we’ll see next?” He would reply, “Moooo”. Hmm, maybe the Bison were the closest animals that “mooed” but we have to find the boy some cows soon! (And Chick-fil-a doesn’t count, although he moos when we pull in the parking lot there!)


We are so lucky to have this wonderful resource about 30 miles from our house. If you are in Middle Georgia, it’s a great place to visit! 


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Play Ball

We are obsessed with balls of all shapes and sizes at our house. My parents went to several spring training games and brought him back a Mickey Mouse ball and bat. He loves it. Yes, we currently play baseball in the house but I’m sure this will have to stop soon because his hitting is improving.

Today, we were at the vet with Jovi and as I was talking to the vet, he proudly announced, “I hit da ball!” The vet responded quickly and I stood there stunned for a minute. He constantly talks and I recognize words or phrases but this was the first full sentence I had heard clearly.

After dinner a few weeks ago, Parker started singing the Tomahawk Chop. I grabbed my camera and surprisingly he did it again when I asked. Here’s an excerpt:

Parker loves his Atlanta Braves

Pardon the covered in food look, that’s a regular look for us around here after meals 😉 It means there’s been a good one!

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