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Birthday Bliss

Last week I celebrated my 31st birthday! Whoop! Whoop! The thirties are looking great kiddos! On the Saturday before my birthday, my hubby collaborated with one of my best friends, JVC to plan a surprise party at one of my favorite restaurants. I thought one point that something might be going on but thought I was probably making a big deal out of nothing. So, JVC came over and we all headed to Cascal for dinner. At this point, I was convinced it was just going to be the three of us. When we walked into the restaurant, I saw my friends! I was so overwhelmed and elated. Thanks B and JVC for the wonderful birthday party!

The man behind the plan! 🙂

Yummy Tres Leches!!

This is my friend, Danielle. She’s my birthday twin, but a year younger 😉

I’m thankful for my friend JVC!

On the day of my birthday, I went shopping with some money from Christmas and met a friend for a glass of wine. I picked B up from work and we went to dinner in Palo Alto. It was a fun night. The next day, a friend of mine took me to a Tea room for tea the next day. How fun!

Thanks for all the cards, calls, emails, and facebook messages! It was a fantastic day!


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Attention, Attention

One of my favorite blogs posted something today that grabbed my attention. Maybe you are a garnet girl too. Or maybe you are looking for the perfect present for someone born in this month….

Attention All January Babies

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Only A Mother Could Love….

this face!

And tonight, Barry ran out to get us a treat after dinner….

A little worried buddy? Truly, a dog is the man’s best friend.

Hope your Friday night has been wonderful!

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Today is the day we celebrate the arrival of the wise men (or as we learned on Sunday, the astrologers!) at the birth of Christ. Epiphany means “appearance” or coming. May we be more aware of the ways God is appearing to us in the our lives this year! I came across this prayer today by Jan Richardson in the book, Sacred Journeys: A Woman’s Book of Daily Prayer. I hope you find it as meaningful as I did.

Maker of the universe, fashioner of the stars, who dwells within time and beyond time, hear this prayer:

if I have failed to perceive you when you have appeared in the face of a friend,

if I have neglected to feed you when you have come with the hunger of a stranger,

if I have not embraced you when you have sought me out of a sister or brother’s poverty,

if I have not laughed and played with you when you greeted me with the delight of a child,

forgive me.

Open my eyes, my hands, my arms, my heart to know your appearing and to celebrate the flesh-shaped mystery of Emmanuel,

God with us.

Make my heart a dwelling place ready to receive you in even the bleakest places, to delight at your appearing even as the animals who made welcome for the birth of wonder.

If you haven’t bookmarked Jan’s blog at The Painted Prayerbook, you should!

December Happenings

The Stanford Blood bank called and politely reminded me it had been a year since I first donated. You might remember the post here. When they called, I volunteered to go to the nearest blood bank and donate. Yes, you read that correctly. I volunteered. Let’s just say some very important people in my life have recently needed blood transfusions. It hit me how important it really is for many people. They gave me a hard time about it being my “once a year” donation. If you live in this area, please consider donating through the Stanford Blood Bank. They’re great and it’s going for a good cause.

My neighbor and I painted Christmas cookies before he and his mom left for a very long trip. We had so much fun. He eventually gave up and just started dipping them in the icing. Who wants to wait for the icing to dry? Not me!


The Chinese school that rents from our church had a Christmas program. By special invitation, the pastor (that’s me!) and deacons were invited. Most all of the program was in Chinese but it was lovely to know they were telling the story of Jesus.
How beautiful!

Remind anyone of a scene in Leap of Faith?

Barry and I went into the city one weekend to see some friends. The above picture was taken at Joy’s Christmas Open House. Jen and I have to get together more in the new year. PS. the scarf I’m wearing was my first crochet project! YAY!

We drove around afterwards and found pretty Christmas lights!

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Fillmore Theater. San Francisco, CA.

Christmas in Florida: Morgan and Jared placed their tree on a table this year because of their newest member of their family (new puppy). Jovi remembered how much he liked Aunt Morgan’s table tops and crawled under the tree! Of course, Aunt Morgan loves him so much he didn’t get in any trouble!

Falling Waters State Park, Chipley, FL

We celebrated Barry’s 31st birthday by going to eat at Capt’s Table in Panama City.

A visit with my great great aunt who is 98 years old. She knows who I am when I’m with her but won’t remember this visit. She has short term memory loss. She taught me how to crochet (see the above crocheted scarf!).

The year topped off with getting to meet these two cuties through the NICU window at the hospital. Hopefully, you’ve been reading about their journey here and praying for them. Due to the yucky flu, only parents and grandparents were allowed inside to hold them. It’s okay. The girls went home yesterday and that’s the most exciting news of all! I can’t wait to hold them in a few months!

What a blessed month!

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