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I never get very far with resolutions. I always try really hard but usually by January 15th, I’ve forgotten what resolutions I had made. This year, I’m taking stock in what I’ve done in 2015 and re-evaluating it for 2016.

blog more. (or at all). The last time I had hit publish on a blog that was posted here was on January 1, 2014. I’ve written several blog posts since then but some of them went to the trash bin and others were published elsewhere. I want to blog on this site… because blogging means I’m writing and I want to write more.

move my body. This has been an important move in 2015. I ran another half-marathon (April: Rock ‘n’ Roll in Nashville) with friends. I completed my first round of 21 Day fix extreme and went on to complete the Piyo program. I found that aside from running or swimming at the gym, I really love exercising in my own home. I’m getting ready to start the new Hammer & Chisel program through Beachbody and I love my coach, Elizabeth.
In one week, I’ll be running the Disney World half-marathon. 11 years ago, I found my love of running while training of this race. It’s really exciting to be going back. In April, I’m planning to another half-marathon that will be in its first year. 2016 is about getting stronger and healthier!

be an advocate. I find that God speaks to me through little nudges that eventually become big shoves when I don’t follow right away. Over the course of 2015, I continued to sense nudges about a particular need in my city. Eventually, I sought out ways I could help and have found such joy in the opportunity to give back. It’s not a type of ministry that I get paid for or any recognition but it’s the chance to be with people in their most painful moments of life. Holy moments are happening and I believe somehow and someway my presence is helping to ease their pain. I wish there wasn’t a need for this volunteer job but there is and it’s an important one. I will continue to give in this way as long as I can.

put down the phone. My phone is my lifeline. I text my mom friends instead of calling to catch up. I look up a recipe for dinner or search twitter for the latest news. I also spend way too much time looking at that device. My challenge to myself in the new year is to put down the phone and spend more time being “present” with the people I love and with life happening around me.

practice gratitude. In one of my recent healthy habit groups (see above, Elizabeth for more information), we kept a gratitude journal and it was amazing to sit at the end of the day and write out 3 things for which we were grateful. My faith increased and my cynicism about life decrease when I realized how at the end of a really crappy day, I still had a lot of reasons to give thanks.

May 2016 be a year of growth, strength, being present, and giving thanks.






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Stroke of Midnight

2016 is here. I can’t believe it.

The sounds of celebration from our neighborhood and beyond are just settling down (which probably has something to do with why I’m still awake). Our celebration tonight was a bit different. In an afternoon text message we invited our friends who live just down the street to join us for pizza. When it seemed that the kids were getting cranky and restless, we brought out the noisemakers and put on the Netflix countdown show (genius, Netflix). The kids had no idea what or why they were counting down but even the 2 year old got in on that action. When 2016 flashed on the screen, we all blew our horns loudly and cheered, “Happy New Year!” My oldest (now 5) insisted that we start a parade and we marched from the kitchen through the living room.

After company had gone home and the kids were sleeping, I celebrated the real stroke of midnight while snuggled next to my husband recalling our past NYE events together. The truth is where we celebrated this stroke of midnight is like many in the past…. right next to each other, wishing, hoping, and praying for a wonderful year.

Wherever you celebrated the stroke of midnight (real or the kid-friendly one), may your hopes, dreams, and prayers become reality in 2016.

Happy New Year, friends.


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